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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Dry Ice in food/beverages that are to be consumed?
Yes. As long as the guidelines laid out on the Dry Ice page are followed.
I want to put Dry Ice in my pumpkin, can I do that?
Yes. Follow the Dry Ice Fog Tips on the Dry Ice page or simply put a piece of Dry Ice in the pumpkin and let it naturally dissipate. It will make your pumpkin a little soggy due to the moisture that is created as it dissipates.
Will I be able to reserve Dry Ice on Halloween?
Unfortunately, no. Halloween is such a busy day for us. Attempts in the past to allow customers to reserve or place orders for Dry Ice have resulted in product loss due to no-shows and mass confusion when spouses or friends are sent without knowing what they're picking up. We have never run out of Dry Ice on Halloween, so a reservation isn't necessary.
We don't take Dry Ice reservations at any other time of the year either. Unless you are ordering a large amount (200+ lbs), we always have some on hand.
*** The following statements deal with sensitive matters, we apologize for any disturbance this may cause. ***
I am undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer and need Dry Ice for my "cool caps," can I purchase it from you?
Yes! The "cool caps" are filled with gel that is cooled with dry ice. Depending on how many caps you have, you will need about 10-20lbs (approx. 2 slices) of Dry Ice.
*We are starting to get a large number of requests for Dry Ice for Home Funeral purposes, and we want to let our customers know it is an option and a service we provide. We want to let our customers know that in their time of need, we are available 24/7* for the purchase of Dry Ice. 
My family member has passed away and we are having a home funeral, can I purchase Dry Ice for this purpose?
Yes. For an average person, you will need approx. 40-80 lbs of Dry Ice to keep the body cool for about 72 hours. This is an estimate and you made need more depending on body size and ambient temperature. Place the Dry Ice under the body, and in the case of a larger individual, place a bit on top as well. Keep the room the deceased is placed in well ventilated when using the Dry Ice.
* Being pet owners ourselves, we know how hard it is to lose a pet and how much they mean to our lives. We have had many questions about this and would just like to let people know that it is an option if you are faced with a similiar situation. *
My pet has passed away and I can't get them to the vet right away to have their remains cremated, can I use Dry Ice to keep them preserved until then?
Yes. What you want to do is wrap your pet in a blanket or towel. If it is a small pet, you can place the Dry Ice on top of their remains. In the case of a large pet, we suggest placing Dry Ice beneath them as well as above them. Then place another towel or blanket over the Dry Ice to keep the air away from it. Put your pet, if possible, in an ice chest/cardboard box, or in a place that they won't be disturbed.
I'm having a cocktail party, how much ice do you think I will need?
The formula for the use of ice in drinks is generally, 1/4 lb. of ice per person, per hour.
I'm having a party and want to put my liqour/wine bottles on ice, but I don't like the idea of ice cubes. Have any suggestions?
Yes! We carry 25 lb. solid blocks of ice. We have found in the past if you get a large, bottle sized drill bit, you can hallow out the center and put your bottles inside. We also had one creative customer who made a smaller hole underneath and inserted glow sticks for a cool color effect.
I have those big red tubs/barrels from Costco/Smart & Final, how much ice do I need to fill them?
They take 1, 40 lb. bag each.
I want to cover my yard in "snow" for a holiday party, can I do that?
Yes you can. We carry Snow/Shaved ice in 40 lb.bags. While we really don't have a number of bags per square foot formula, generally a pallette (54 bags) will cover an average sized front yard nicely. A word of caution though, the Snow/Shaved ice that we carry is shaved from solid blocks of ice so it is not the soft "powder" type snow that falls in winter. It CAN cause in injury if used for snowball fights.
I want to make sno-cones, what do you suggest?
Our Snow/Shaved ice is perfect for sno-cones. If you have a commercial sno-cone machine, they usually take 10 lb. blocks of ice, which we carry.
I'm going camping for a week. I want some Dry Ice to keep my food cool since it lasts longer than regular ice.
No! Dry Ice alone will freeze your food and possibly damage it. The best thing to do in this situation is to put a layer of Dry Ice on the bottom of your ice chest. Then put a medium thick layer of "wet" ice over the Dry Ice. This way, it keeps your "wet" ice cold and doesn't damage your food. Be sure not to let any beverage cans come in contact with the Dry Ice or will freeze the contents and possibly explode them.

* We are available 24/7, 365 for an opening or delivery (Wet Ice ONLY) fee. We DO NOT deliver DRY ICE, but will open up for you to come purchase it.

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